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A professional proofreading service for all your written needs.
Whatever message you are trying to deliver, clarity, spelling, grammatical correctness and many other factors can seriously affect the success or otherwise of your work. Written communication is often the first impression the reader has of you or your business, so it is essential you convey the right impression.

It is a well-known fact that no one should proofread their own work – however many times you check it there will always be an obvious error that you miss. Because you are so close to your own work your brain automatically reads what you meant to say. A skilled proofreader will scrutinise your work with a fresh pair of eyes to pick up any errors you (or the spellchecker) may have missed.

I am a professionally qualified proofreader who can help you to produce documentation of the highest standard and achieve the desired effect for your purpose. My aim is to assist you in achieving success with your readership with a perfectly correct piece of writing.


First impressions can be final impressions – make sure they're the right impressions!

What I proofread:
  • Training materials

  • Reports

  • Websites

  • Newsletters

  • Magazine articles, books, novels

  • Dissertations, essays, theses

  • Promotional literature - brochures, leaflets, posters

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