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Why do I need a proofreader?

  • It is impossible to read your own work – you are too close to the content to see the obvious errors. A fresh pair of eyes will pick up any errors you have missed.


  • Written material that is unclear or littered with mistakes will make you or your business look unprofessional, and will not inspire confidence in your readers or potential customers.


  • People are experts in their own field and do not always have the time or skills to proofread work correctly. A professional proofreader can carry out this task quicker and more efficiently, allowing you to concentrate on your own business,


  • If errors are missed it is extremely expensive to correct them once the final proofs have gone to the printers – even more so if the material has already been printed!


  • You may use a spellckecker on your computer but this will only highlight words incorrectly spelt. It will not notice the difference between 'their' and 'there' or 'your' and 'you're'.


  • A badly punctuated sentence can convey an unintended meaning, giving your audience the wrong message.

What clients say...

"A joy to work with – easy, helpful and constructive."


"An affordable and speedy service."


"Excellent at checking our wording and ensuring that everything is spot on."


"100% professional, thorough, and extremely fast – the job was delivered ahead of schedule."


"Thanks for all your help – you've done a great job as always."


"Thanks so much for doing this job so fast!"


"Really appreciate what you have done and I would consider this an excellent job, thank you."

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