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Good communication is essential whether you are a business, an organisation, a charity, a writer or a student. Proof Scrutiny offers a complete proofreading service for all of your written requirements to ensure you communicate to your reader effectively.


The proofeading service includes:

  • checking for errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar

  • ensuring style and formatting are consistent

  • cross-checking headings, illustrations, page numbering and references

  • checking the overall layout of your text before it is printed


I usually work in electronic format on PDFs and Word documents, although I can work on hard copy if required. With PDFs I use the Comments boxes and Highlight tools; with Word documents I use Track Changes; and with hard copy I can mark up using BS proofreading symbols.


So, whether you are ...

a business with a report,

a charity with a newsletter,

a student with a dissertation.

an author with a book

or someone whose first language is not English

...Proof Scrutiny can inspect, correct and make your text perfect.

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